Each VIANI Timepiece is powered by light - whether sunlight or indoor.  VIANI prioritizes clean and sustainable energy. 

 VIANI Solar Mechanics  

How does the watch Charge ?

Sunlight and fluorescent indoor light directed at the watch face will charge your VIANI Time Piece. The solar panel is found beneath the dial face. We recommend not covering the watch face with your sleeve when outside to optimize charging.

How much light does my VIANI Timepiece need for regular use ?

One minute of direct sunlight exposure is enough to charge the watch for the entire day.

How long does the battery last ?

Expected life per charge from full charge to stoppage is 12 months. This assumes that you charge the watch completely and then leave it in a dark cabinet for 12 months. 

How should I store my VIANI Timepiece ?

When not in use, we recommend storing your VIANI Timepiece on a well lit window sill, or adjacent to a lamp exposing the dial face towards the light. This ensure that the solar cell is continually charged and operational.

Is there a low battery indicator on the watch ?

The second hand will move in two second intervals indicating that the watch is low on charge. Simply place the watch by a window sill or wear in direct sunlight in order to recharge the solar cell.

My watch is no longer ticking, what should I do ?

A stopped watch indicates a fully discharged solar cell. We recommend exposing your VIANI Timepiece to direct sunlight for up to 4 hours to re-charge the solar cell. Direct sunlight is required and much more efficient in restarting the solar cell vs indoor or indirect windowsill lighting.

Can I overcharge my watch if left in the sun for too long ?

No, there is an overcharge prevention function to prevent the solar battery from deterioration or breakage. Please be cautious to not set the watch in an environment that will exceed 50°C (122°F).